Sconce beeswax Candle - 50 Pack - 6 1/4" x 13/16"


These are our sconce size Beeswax Candles (6 1/4" tall).  This is a taper in a size that is normally used in wall sconces or lanterns.  They also can be used in candle sticks and candelabras.  These are perfect for special occasions or everyday use.

The base fits in a standard candle holder.

Candle Averages:

  • Candle weight:  1.2 oz
  • Base Diameter:  13/16 inch
  • Height:  6 1/4 inches
  • Burn Time:  over 5 hours
As with all of our candles, they are hand poured in North Carolina using a mixture of 80% pure beeswax and 20% beef tallow just as our colonial ancestors would have used.  We use only 100% cotton wicking to insure clean burning.

The molds used are hand crafted.

The candles are natural, clean burning and are from a renewable resource.