Candles for Churches

We are pleased to offer Lovefeast candles for services. Whether you want to dress your own candles, cut your own skirts or have us do it all for you, we are happy to help. Please email us for pricing options -

Please note: We changed the special pricing period following the 2022 season.  We provide a discounted rate for registered churches into late November subject to availability.   The discount is available PRIOR to ordering online.  We will not adjust a previous order to apply the discount!!  Contact us berore you order.   Order early to insure receipt before your service.

The only size candle we recommend for use in a church service where they will be lit and passed to members of the congregation is the standard lovefeast size.

We will be happy to provide a sample of our lovefeast candle and pre-cut skirts for churches considering Christmas Lovefeast for their own congregations. Please email us including the name of the church, address and your name.