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Butterfly Wall Sconce with 2 sconce candles


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This is our Butterfly Wall Sconce.  It captures a timeless classic design from years past.  When the candle is lit the image of a butterfly is projected on the wall.  The inspiration for ours was from a wall sconce made by my Grandfather, Peter Blum Sr. in the 1950's.  There is a similar one in the Wachovia Historical Society collection.  

Ours measures approximately 12" tall to the top of the butterfly.  The width of the back  is 5" wide and the candle holder is about 8" from the wall.

It uses a standard size sconce candle.  Two (2) sconce candles are included. 

Shipping  weight is just over 1 pound including the candles.

Each is individually hand crafted in NC by William B. Seippel of tin plated steel in the Moravian tradition of excellence. Made of tin plated steel.