Electric Candle Repair Kit


Introducing our repair kit designed for older style electric Lovefeast candles, crafted to restore their charm and functionality. This comprehensive kit comprises a brand new LED Lovefeast candle complete with an 8-foot white cord, USB adapter, and a stylish red ribbon skirt.

Please note:

This repair kit is specifically tailored for electric Lovefeast candles and may not be suitable for repairing Gemein Haus candles, as disassembly of the base is often required. For Gemein Haus candles, we recommend purchasing one of our new electric candles instead.

Featuring a long-lasting bulb with a remarkable lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours, our repair kit ensures enduring illumination for your cherished candles. For visual guidance on the repair process, check out the instructional video included in the second picture!

Crafted with a blend of authentic beeswax and tallow, our candles are meticulously handmade in North Carolina, guaranteeing quality and authenticity with every use.