Medium Advent Wreath Kit with Moravian Beeswax Candles

This is a kit for making a medium Advent wreath. This is a wonderful family project for the Advent season.  When completed it measures approximately 15 inches across and holds 4 -  sconce and one 8 inch candle.
The candles may be dressed with red skirts provided or left plain.
Each kits contains the following items:

  1. 1 - 10 inch Styrofoam disc with 5 candle holders installed and felt on bottom
  2. 22 packages of plastic boxwood picks (6 picks per package) – 132 total picks
  3. They will need to be shortened (wire cutter or pliers required)
  4. 4 – sconce Moravian beeswax candles
  5. 1 – 8 inch Moravian Beeswax candle (Christ candle)
  6. 10 – candle skirts for dressing the candles (only need 5)
  7. Package of approximately 10 – ½ inch sequin pins (attach skirts to candles)
  8. Pictorial instructions for assembling the Advent wreath and decorating the candles

Written directions for assembling the wreath and decorating the candles can be found in our web site How To's Section.

Videos showing both can be found on our Youtube channel  Salem Candle Works.