Medium Advent Wreath Kit with Moravian Beeswax Candles


Discover the joy of creating a magnificent Advent wreath with our comprehensive kit. Perfect for bringing the family together during the Advent season, this kit yields an impressive wreath measuring 15 inches across, accommodating four 8-inch candles and one 10-inch candle.

Customize your candles with provided red skirts or leave them plain for a traditional touch. Our kit includes:

  1. 10 inch Styrofoam disc with 5 pre-installed candle holders and felt base
  2. 22 packages of plastic boxwood picks (132 picks in total) - trim with wire cutter or pliers
  3. 4 Moravian beeswax candles, each 8 inches in height
  4. 1 Moravian beeswax candle, 10 inches (Christ candle)
  5. 10 candle skirts (use 5)
  6. Package of approximately 10 - ½ inch sequin pins for attaching skirts to candles
  7. Pictorial instructions for effortless assembly and candle decoration

For detailed assembly guidance and candle decoration tips, visit our website's How To's Section. You can also find instructional videos on our YouTube channel, Salem Candle Works.

Create cherished memories this Advent season with our DIY Medium Advent wreath kit.