Pre-Cut Moravian Candle skirts - White - size medium Lovefeast


This is a package of 40 of our "White (Ivory)" Pre-Cut skirts for our Lovefeast and Sconce size Candles. These skirts are cut flat in groups of 5 pieces from Dennecrepe - White Crepe Paper. They have not been folded so they are easier to use for dressing your Moravian candles.

Please note: This size skirt is used for dressing either the Lovefeast size or Sconce Candles - ONLY.


They will not work with 10 and 12 inch candles!!!  

I suggest using 1/2 inch sequin pins (available on the web site) for attaching to the candle

Registered church customers can receive special prices from Aug 15th to Sept 25th of each year.

Skirts are 3 inches by 8 1/2 inches long. There is 1/4 inch spacing between slits