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Red Ball Ornament - Single ornament


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This is our Red Ball Christmas ornament.  It captures a timeless classic design from years past.  This ornament was patterned from those found in a drawer at my great-grandfather's home in the 1950's.  

The ornament and candle is for decoration only!!

Do not use lit candles on a Christmas tree!!!

The ornament measures approximately 9 1/2" from the bottom of the ball to the tip of the candle.  The candle is one of our 3 1/2" decorated beeswax candles.

We only offer individual ornaments at our shows due to shipping limitations.  We offer them in boxes of 5 ornaments on the website. 

Each of these ornaments and candles are individually hand crafted in NC by William B. Seippel in the Moravian tradition of excellence. Made of tin plated steel.