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Repair 120 volt Incandescent Candle - Discontinued


This product is sold out

This service has been discontinued as the supply of the repair bulbs is exhausted.

This purchase is for a service to repair your incandescent with a new incandescent candle using your candle base. The price includes return shipping in your candle box.

The new candle will have an 8 foot white cord with a new skirt. The bulbs are rated for approximately 7500 hours.

The candle is made with a mixture of real beeswax and tallow.

It plugs into a standard wall receptacle using the 8 foot white cord.

Each of our candles and flames are hand made in North Carolina.

To use this service you will need to send us your old candle and the base in the box and we will replace the candle, provide a new red skirt and return it to you.

Mail to: Salem Candle Works Inc 3500 Country Club Rd Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104

The photos show the before and after candle in the original base.

This service takes a minimum of 2 weeks for return after our receipt of your candle. Before sending your candle please contact us as to availability as these bulbs are becoming very hard to find and once our supply is gone this service will be discontinued.